Monday, August 3, 2009

How to get rid of that Beginner's Barrier?

I find it hard to FEEL who or what I'm portraying. I can try acting like they would act, but I don't really FEEL it, you know? I feel like there's a barrier. Are there any exercises to help me get rid of this? I have an audition for a play coming up and I really want to get into the character of my monologue, and of the part I'm trying out for.

I can place myself in the parts' shoes, but can't feel like I am actually there, as them.

How to get rid of that Beginner's Barrier?
I have the same problem sometimes, and what I do is read the whole play and try to get some perspective on the character. Ask yourself some questions - why are they acting the way they do? what is their family life like? what do they eat for breakfast? (the last one sounds weird, but that's part of their personality too right?) Just random stuff.

Another thing to do is try to relate to the character - try to find similarities in their personality and your own, or try to relate their dilemma in the piece with something you've gone through yourself - no matter how obscurely relative they are, as long as they are similar. Hope this helps you, and good luck!
Reply:Learning to be an actor is a live time process. Every step is important in your growth. Don't try to figure it out. Just keep learning and developing your acting skills. Your passion is what drives you.


How to fix my Dooney & Brourke leather purse?

My Dooney is part fabric and leather. I got some scuff marks on the leather part. Shoe polish isn't doing anything to fix it. Does anyone have any inexpensive ideas how to fix? Thanks!

How to fix my Dooney %26amp; Brourke leather purse?
You can try using Rubbing Alcohol. I use it to clean my leather shoes and bags. But if the scuffs don't remove you should contact Dooney %26amp; Bourke. Mostly when one buys a Dooney there is a yellow registration card.
Reply:Believe it or not nail polish remover can clean it off, the same thing happened to my Dooney Bourke purse, it also happend to My Louie Vitton Purse too, but that was so much more stressful than the Dooney
Reply:Take soda and dab it on it use sprite dont coke something clear and the bubbles will make it go away.


I have an oil stain from a bike on the mesh part of my shoes how do i get it out?

I was riding bike and my shoe scraped off the chain and a small amount of oil ( i guess) got onto the mesh part of my shoes. i put warm water and spray n wash on it and it came out a little bit. I do not want to put them in the washing machine because they are brand new and i do not want them to get beat up aleady. PLEASE HELP ME!

I have an oil stain from a bike on the mesh part of my shoes how do i get it out?
dual power oxy spray and wash stain remover.
Reply:Try lighter fluid

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I have a 2000 mazda 626 and cant find a part for it?

its a rear passenger side window and a front bumper, i dont want to order new parts cause its expensive and i just want to go to the junkyard and get a used ones that will work just fine. i have a friend that said he could install it for me for free but i dont know where to find these parts, or find a website that shoes the parts similar to the ones on my car cause i cant find any mazda 626 in the junkyard.

I have a 2000 mazda 626 and cant find a part for it?
My answer is TIME TO GET A NEW CAR.....IT IS 2008 now!
Reply:If you go to a large wrecking yard they should be connected to a computer search service that connects all subscribing wrecking yards. Then they should be able to find the parts you need.
Reply:Try an On Line parts locator's...that is your best bet....or drive to a local "Ma and Pa" body shop.....slip the guy a few $$$$ and get your parts.
Reply:Most junk yards are computer linked to others. Have them check all the junk yards in your area and they can tell you who has them, either that or buy the parts new.


What part of the foot do high heels hurt the most?

I've bought a pair of high-heeled sandals to wear to a wedding. It's 3 inches high, has thin straps, and a heel that's thin but not quite stiletto.

This might sound weird to some of you, but I've never worn high heels before (parent's wouldn't let me, and there's not much chance for that stuff if you go to a school with uniforms).

To make my feet more comfortable, I've bought some of those Scholl's soft pad thingies that I can stick on the shoe. Which part of the sandal should I stick them on: the part where I rest the balls of my feet or where I rest my heels?

In other words, will my heels or the balls of my feet hurt more after I'm in the heels for 2 hours? Thanks for telling!

What part of the foot do high heels hurt the most?
Whoa, you need to practice before you spend the night barefoot or crying.

The ball of my foot is the part which aches the most after a night at the club. The next morning they still hurt, when I get out of bed. The first few steps...think of me!!

I am so excited for you to be experiencing this pain for the first time! You'll will know what it feels like to be a woman. lol

Good luck, Hun!
Reply:I agree that the ball of the foot is where you'd get the most pain because that is where you are putting the weight of you body on instead of the whole foot. Also I get pain in the arches of my foot. Report It

Reply:I have a really bad time in heels too! Report It

Reply:Have you ever tried these foot cushions by Insolia?

I was on my feet for almost an entire day - in heels! - and these really helped. Usually my back hurts after wearing heels for so long... but this time it didn't bother me. Report It

Reply:it is not so much your feet that will hurt that will get better but high heels are really bad for your back.
Reply:I used to wear at least 4" heels to work everynight and after a few weeks of that I lost feeling in two to three of the toes on both of my feet. I had to stop wearing heels all together for like two months. It must have had something to do with all the pressure on the ball of my foot (OUCH!) messing with the nerves or something. It was really freaky.
Reply:obviously your heels will hurt more
Reply:the balls of you feet will be hurting

i been wearing heels since i was 14

also i dance in the for 4 hours a day(im not a stripper im a ballroom dancer)

before you go to the wedding wear the heels and practice to walk in them cause for your frist time it will be hard to walk in them

and also for your frst time i think it would be better if you went for a smaller heel like 2"

3 is hard to walk in even dance (trust me on this i dance in 3")

so yea practice walking

and there will be pain if your in them for a long time
Reply:the balls of the feet is where all of the pressure is exhurted. try standing on your toes. that's how it will feel wearing heels.
Reply:You might want to practice wearing these new shoes before you wear them anywhere. I think the ball of the foot and the calves of your legs is where you will feel the stress from wearing this type of shoe.


How to clean up the white body part of Lacoste Thrill Croc Mesh shoes?

Well... I just get this Lacoste Thrill Croc Mesh shoes... and it has white parts in its body, which is getting dirty. I've search in Y! Answers for the solution to clean up the white shoes, and have tried it, but it doesn't seem to be working too much, because I think the white part of this shoes made up of special fabric... heres the link to the shoes photographed

Anyone can help me?

* Mine is the left most the green one.

How to clean up the white body part of Lacoste Thrill Croc Mesh shoes?
Damn I should have got those.

Finish Line or Footlocker (it might only be one of the two, go to both places) sell shoe cleaner that are pretty cheap, like 5 bucks maybe. They come in cans and its like a foam.

Also found this, I dont have any experience w/ it though.


How to get the blue from blue jeans off shoes?

So, my the dye from my jeans is getting on to my shoe, how do I get it off the shoe?

The part that is turning blue is somewhat of a tan, maybe olivish color. So I don't want my shoe to turn white because of some sort of chemical reaction.

How to get the blue from blue jeans off shoes?
Oxy Clean Works Great. Also Try Toothpaste =)
Reply:I would try the Tide-To-Go, OxyClean or a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on them.

If your shoes are leather, use a leather cleaner.
Reply:You prolly should of tried scrubbing it as soon as you seen that your jeans were dyin on your shoes! Depends on how long it has been there try washing your shoes and in a few washes hopefully ur pants wont do this ne more!
Reply:try a Mr. Clean magic eraser
Reply:this sounds a little crazy but i use tooth past and a toothbrush and whip it off with a warn towel.