Friday, July 31, 2009

What is the best way to clean the bottom white rubber parts of the sneaker?

i dont have any sneaker cleaner... and i dont feel like buying any right now.. the type of answer i want might be ghetto for example if i wanted my black shoes shiny.. i wud put vasaline.... but anywayz i got these rocawear prokeds... and i need to clean the bottom white rubber part... i got a toothbrush ready but i dont know what substance to use to get it white.... please answer... if u give a detailed answer, and the answer im looking for.. i will choose yours as the best and put the max of stars.... please hurry! gotta go out tonight!!

What is the best way to clean the bottom white rubber parts of the sneaker?
do not use bleach it will turn the souls yellow use tooth paste or if you have a mr.clean eraser they work realy good, evan a dab of dish soap woorks well
Reply:Lestoil is always good - I'll have to ask my daughter in law - she has another way
Reply:Just use hot soup and water.

I wouldnt use any sprays made with bleach because it may damage the sneaker
Reply:Mean Green, 409, or just windex has always worked good for me. But the wash is the best.
Reply:Just throw them in the washing machine with some regular detergent and some oxyclean if you have any available. You should also throw in some towels to keep the banging down. This not only cleans the entire outside of the shoe but the inside liner as well. I have been a nurse for years and this always keeps mine looking new.
Reply:Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. They work great!
Reply:I use window cleaner for mine, it does ok.
Reply:i use hand cleaner like they use in shops. it has a degreasing agent that works good. just apply it to the stained area and wipe it with a white towel.

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